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Diet and Exercise Plan to Naturally Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks – No Pills


In this article I want to share with you a good diet and exercise plan to lose up to 10 pounds naturally in 2 weeks! How much weight is lost is based entirely on if you get 100% compatible. Consistency is essential if you want to lose weight fast and burn fat.

Step # 1 – Good nutrition. It begins and ends with proper nutrition. Without proper nutrition, the results will be minimal to none.

What is proper nutrition should consist of?

Healthy fats (monounsaturated, Omega)
-Complex carbohydrates (whole grains)
-Vitamins and Minerals

In addition, good nutrition include the amount you eat and when you eat:

The amount you eat – eat the amount of calories you should eat based off of your current weight, then reduce the amount of only 500 calories. Significantly reduce the intake of calories will cause your metabolism to slow down. If your metabolism slows down, your body will begin to store calories as fat! …

When you eat – Instead of the usual two or three meals a day, I recommend for you to eat 5-6 small healthy meals a day. Eating several small, healthy meals a day will keep your digestive system active (which will cause a boost to your metabolism).

Step # 2 – high-intensity exercise. A plan of high-intensity exercise will help you lose 10 pounds in no time! Examples of high-intensity exercise are boxing heavy bag, inclined treadmill, body weight exercises, sprinting (hill Sprint works best) and sports (such as basketball, tennis, etc..)

It is a diet and exercise plan as a basis for naturally lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.


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